Not going back to Facebook

So today I made the choice to never return to Facebook. I want real connections with people not Facebook “friends”.  This is the message I left as my last message on Facebook.

I will not be returning to Facebook. If you want to have contact with me read this post.
This will be my last post and I am making it public so you can contact me if you are interested in continuing to have contact with me. I am hoping some of my rowdy sisters will see this.
I broke up with Daniel on December 15th. I will not be returning to Vertex. That life was destroying me. I allowed things that went against my core beliefs because I cared too much. I will miss some of the friends I made but I will not miss the abuse I endured the last 8 months or so. I cannot be a part of it anymore. I am trying to put my life back together and heal. I cannot do that if I have to see those who chose to hurt me. I don’t want to hear about him at all. Please do not gossip to me.
If you wish to be in contact with me you can write me at my RIT email. You can find that by going here
At some point, I will be creating a business Facebook page for my tarot business and will post that here but I will not be logging back in for any other reason.