It hurts…

That numb part of the process is over and I feel like a walking wound

I keep hoping for reprieve

I keep wishing for something to make it stop

I know that I need to go through this to heal but I am not just healing from one relationship but for the last few that I never processed

It is like waves crashing and knocking me over again and again

At times I wish I could be one  of those unfeeling people like my x

I wish I could just walk away and into the arms of someone else without ever looking back or thinking of the person I was with again

But I wonder…how do people do that?

I don’t get it and honestly when I really think about it I would not want to be empty hearted and always looking for the next thrill

People are not disposable but I feel like I have been erased and forgotten even though I was the one who chose to end the pain I was suffering in the relationship

I know that it will get better….it has to