I have a story to tell

I have a story to tell.  I have wanted to write it for many years.  I think the reason it has not been written yet was the fact that a major chapter with some lessons that I needed to learn before I wrote it had to happen.  That chapter has just ended.  It is time to write my story.  I am going to be using this blog to tell the story of my life and to just open myself up.  If you have been a part of my life or are a part of my life you may see yourself here.  If you are one of my x’s there will be some stories about that time of my life.  I do not intend to focus on the bad behavior of other people though in some cases it is warranted and I will not hold back.  (Please read my about section if you have concerns about this https://rauncie.com/about/ )I intend to focus on my lessons and how I moved on each time I learned something.  Sometimes that moving on was not something I wanted to do.  Those times left me miserable and sad for months and sometimes years.  My most recent lesson was focused on learning to say no and have boundaries.  I needed to learn that if someone does not respect me then losing them is not a loss that will affect me negatively in the long term.   Most recently I was holding myself back, not doing what makes my heart sing and lost my joy for things that I loved like music, dancing and art.  The screaming voice inside of me had been sounding months before I went to the hospital at the end of May and ended up in intensive therapy.  I stopped drinking that weekend.  I began to focus on me but I was still trying to hold on to something that was wounding me.   I was living the 10 of swords.  I was close to the end of a cycle but I was trapped and surrounded by danger.  I could not move and I felt doom hanging over me all the time.  I constantly questioned myself and whether I was truly cared for.  That is a heavy load to carry.  I found this tarot card which is part of the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn which you can order on amazon.  I ordered the deck today to add to my collection.  It is very interesting and different than any deck I have and I feel I can use this with some of my alternative tarot clients.  Visit egypt.urnash.com to find out more about the artist Margaret Trauth if you like this card. 

10-of-Swords egypt.urnash.com

So if you are interested in reading more about my journey I hope you will stick around.  I will be talking about tarot and magic in addition to my journey.

Thanks for reading and being a witness to my journey.