Who cares what I write?

I don’t think that really matters.  I need to write and create art to heal.  I know that not everyone who reads my blog is reading it because they like me or know me.  I do know that a couple of people read it because they don’t like me.  It doesn’t matter how I know.  I just do.  But I am writing this for me.  I will not sugar coat my words and I will not hide anything.  I know that my words have helped other women and men who have been in pain from a breakup or who have PTSD, anxiety and depression.  I have to be honest when I found out that my blog was being used to poke fun of me I almost took it down…for like half a second.  But here is the thing…I graduated from that 7th grade mentality.  I got sucked into it when I was hanging in a place where it seems to permeate every being who steps in there.  I remember those bullies from middle school.  They just grew up and moved to a new venue.  I will not have a part in it anymore.  So take my words…copy and paste them…send links to people so you can talk about me…whatever you need to do to feel better about yourself.  It is not hurting me it is only helping me.  You may wonder why it helps.  It helps me to realize that I am truly in the right place and I am so glad I am not stuck there anymore.   I just wanted to say…I see you….and I wish you the best in life.