Dancing With My Shadow

Because I am always willing to be transparent I want to share that dreams are sometimes the way our brains help us to work through things and in part of those dreams last night there was some heavy duty revenge stuff.
I believe in embracing my shadow self. I believe we have to work through these things and not dismiss them. Sometimes people do things to us that bring about anger. We must find a way to deal with that anger and if we do not then it will come out in our dreams.
My dream self is a bad ass woman who will rub a bitches blood into the dance floor. I would never hurt someone in real life but dreaming that …with my dream self letting out a war cry that would scare the most treacherous person …it was pretty cathartic and completely terrifying. I felt like I was dancing the dance of Kali complete with beheading and blood flowing.

Let me stress again…I would NEVER hurt someone in real life. I put spiders outside instead of smashing them. ;P I am a very passive person who is against violence. So don’t get any wrong ideas. But in my dreams….my shadow self is working through my buried pain.
Dancing with my shadow
Show me something I don’t know
I’m dancing with my shadow
Loving all that’s in my soul