Dating in your 50’s as a woman

Dating at my age is not fun.  My experience has been I am a fill in until the person finds someone better suited to them.  Men my age want younger women.  Men who are younger than me are interested for a short period of time but always leave for a younger woman.  I am not generally attracted to men older than me and when I am…those guys always want someone 25 or 30 and not a mature woman with life experience.  It is maddening.

It is true what they say.  Once a woman hits a certain age she becomes invisible.  I am tired of being with a man and having him constantly looking through me to the young chick across the room.

My most recent experience was being asked out by a younger man.  I suggested we go for coffee in a public place.  His response? “Don’t you think it would be weird meeting in a public place considering our age difference?  I should just come to your house.”  Which translates to him being embarrassed to be seen with an older woman in public but he would welcome the chance to come to my house and have sex with me.  No thank you fuckboi.   😦

I don’t know what to do about this other than to just sit back for now and try to enjoy being single.  I have much to give in a relationship.  I am loving, attentive and I communicate well.    I have some interesting life experience and I take care of the man I love.  Maybe the real problem is that I love too deeply.   There has to be someone out there that would appreciate me for who I am and would not use me as the in between. I crave a partner that I can do things with and be loved by.  I think I am looking in the wrong places.