Why I don’t trust the system

As a survivor of violence I have plenty of reason to not trust the system.  I have been laughed at and treated terribly by police officers and judges in some instances.  I have seen a perpetrator scoff at the system and get off with a slap on the wrist and then return home to assault his victim immediately.   I know personally of cases where victims who were begging for help became murder victims because the police were not taking it seriously and our laws do not always help.

I have a friend who has been stalked for over two years by a man.  He has been arrested once already for stalking her and another woman.  They called it extreme stalking.  He even had placed devices on both these women’s cars to track where they were.  He was arrested last January but is out of jail and still terrifying her.  He has been sending letters to her friends and family for months.  Because he gives no return address and it is printed from a computer and he does not sign it the police have not been able to do anything.  He has also been leaving letters on her car at her place of employment.

I got one of those letters addressed to me, today at my job.  This man is dangerous.  It is obvious he is mentally ill.  I am afraid for my friend.  Some of the people who got the letters did not file reports.  I am filing one.  I want him caught.  The sad thing is this will probably not stop until he is dead.  She is not the first person he has stalked and I am sure she will not be the last.

Things need to change.  We need to help her.  I want to ask all my friends who work magic to do some work to help my friend.  If you write me personally I will give you all the information you need.  Maybe the hand of justice will finally reach him if we are able to shine the light on his deeds through some magical work.  I stand with my friend in solidarity…we will not be scared into silence.