New beginnings: The death card and the fool

We spend so much of our lives afraid of endings.  The truth is everything ends.  The lesson of the death card is that there must be death for a new beginning to happen.  This is not just about physical death of our bodies.   This can be the ending of a job, a relationship, the death of a beloved pet, the death of a lifestyle and many other things.  But after death comes rebirth and the fool who is the zero card …the beginning and the end who walks through the whole story of life.

I was musing on this during my workout this morning.  Many times I have held onto something or someone until it was like dragging around a stinking dead corpse.  I was determined to make it work because the letting go always seemed like the end of the world.  But every time I have let go and trusted, wonderful things happened for me and for others involved that would not have happened if it had continued.   I am not a person who thinks everything is roses and singing birds.  Life is full of things that happen.  No one is promised a drama free, no bad things happening life.  If you think you deserve that you are going to be disappointed for your whole life.  The universe is not out to get you, you don’t have bad luck and you are not cursed.  Shit just happens, even to really good people.  I have experienced the death of a relationship and I am standing on the cliff with my flute and my dog and I am not looking back anymore.  I am already seeing some positive outcomes of this change in my life and the positive has not only happened to me.  That is a good sign that this was the right thing.

Time to take the jump off the cliff…..  see you later 🙂