If you are reading this…

I think it is time to clarify something.

This is my story. I think it is important to note “my” story and my perspective in the moment. My perspective will change at times once I have digested something and given it more thought. I will not however hold back from writing because I am afraid I will change my mind or find I am completely wrong.  I believe that being afraid of admitting we were wrong can sometimes paralyze us and keep us from writing.  I am not afraid to apologize if I am wrong or change my perspective. In fact writing is the process that helps me grow and change my perspective.  It helps me to take a hard look in the mirror.  Secondly I want to express what I am feeling when I am feeling it. I want to be raw and open when it is happening because I want others to understand that it is OK to feel. Do not be ashamed of all the natural human emotions that you have. I am doing my best to not be ashamed of what I am feeling. I will not tolerate shaming of myself or others when it comes to this. I may cuss and I may have pity parties sometimes. That is not something I want to do regularly but it is what it is. I will be writing about the past, the present and the future and how it relates to me right this moment. I will be sharing about pain sometimes.  I may get angry and vent.  The bottom line is this is my blog and I made it public for a reason.  I am not going to hide or be ashamed of how I process things.  Writing has saved my life.



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