My Tarot Card for the Day

Today I pulled a card while I was contemplating my healing. It was the Queen of Cups. I am not surprised. The Queen of Cups is my card. I am a cancer. I am deeply introspective and emotional. It is time for me to trust my intuition and pay close attention to my emotions and feelings. This is a time when I need to really listen to my heart and send the squirrel committee packing. I am opening myself up to messages that are coming to me intuitively and in order to do that I need to shut down the static and noise around me. I need to turn inward. I have been having intense dreams for two weeks now. My consort shared with me that I have been talking in my sleep. I have been writing those dreams down and looking for messages in them. I know what they mean. It is time to take care of myself. It is time to heal my own heart. It is time for me to embrace the little girl who sounds the alarm inside of me that everything is going to go wrong, that I am bad, that no one really likes me and everyone is going to leave me. I have to take the time to feel my feelings even if they hurt like hell. I am stronger than I think I am. I know this. I have lived through some really hard things in my life. I have come out the other side stronger, wiser and with an empathetic heart. Today I have to use that to heal myself. The healing I seek lies within not with anyone else.

The Queen of Cups
Robin Wood Tarot