Winds of Change

Samhain is here and the winds of change are blowing.

I am making some choices I knew I would have to make.  They are choices that hurt my heart but they must be done.  I have come to realize that in the past I have chosen people because they treat me the same way I treated myself…with disdain and at the very most with shallow affection.  When people were kind to me I was suspicious of them and I pushed them away and pulled the people who mistreated me closer.  It was easy to put on a costume and be someone else because that is not Rauncie it is just a role I fill for awhile.  It has left me feeling empty and lonely so many times.  I am embarking on a new journey.  It seems that this change was brought to me by the universe and I need to pick up my broom and ride on.  I deserve this.  I deserve to be treated with kindness and love.

I will miss some of the people I have come to care about but it’s time to move on.