Facebook update

I am still off of Facebook.

I do miss it sometimes.  I have missed a couple of events because once you are off Facebook it is like you cease to exist to some people.

“Hey, I did not see you at the event last night”

“What event?”

“You know, I sent you an invite on Facebook.”


Facebook has become the way to do everything and leaving it has left me out of the loop.  So right now I am not sure how much good this is doing me except for the fact that I am not wasting time scrolling and wishing I looked as good as the 25 year olds I see posting pics everyday.  I love posting pics myself and seeing what is going on with people.  Maybe when I am a little further out I will feel better about this decision.  I am not sure it is making me happier.  I have to be honest and say I have been looking at the news daily which I did not do before and that also makes me anxious.  I need to just put my phone down.



One thought on “Facebook update

  1. It does no good to replace one compulsive scrolling behavior with another compulsive scrolling behavior. News feeds are the worst of them all. You gotta put your screens away and let yourself get bored (i.e. acclimate yourself to less stimulation) until you start to discover new things to do. Otherwise you’re basically just giving up cocaine for paint thinner.


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