Joining the Circus

In 19 months I am running away to join the circus.  Well, not exactly but pretty close.  I have wanted to join the circus since I was a little girl.  I spent hours in my backyard perfecting my performance skills and then putting on shows for the kids in my neighborhood.  We had a wood fence that was the width of a balance beam so I learned to walk and do tricks on it.  I also learned to read tarot.  I did not get serious about it till many years later but now it is something I love to do and I am really good at.  I have a plan.  Over the next year Keith and I will be taking his amazing gypsy wagon on a trial tour.  He will draw people to us and I will be waiting in the gypsy wagon to read tarot for fellow travelers of the world.  I feel like every experience in my life has led me to this.  You see tarot reading is not just about knowing the cards.  Anyone can study and know the cards.  Knowing the cards does not make you a good reader.  What makes a good reader is being able to use those cards as a tool to help people to open up and then you read the people.  It is about being able to tap into the universal energy that connects us all.  My skills in this area are high.  People open up to me and then we can have a deep discussion about their life and where they are headed.  Because of my life experiences there are not many things I cannot relate to.  I also know things.  I cannot even explain it but someone once said to me “The things you know is kind of scary.”  Sometimes it feels scary to me too.  Sometimes I know things that I do not want to know.  It is a gift I have had for as long as I can remember.  My mother wanted to send me for therapy over it.  The therapist thought this was a wonderful gift and so my mom stopped the therapy because she thought it was evil.  There is nothing evil about it.  In fact I believe part of this gift comes from being in situations where I have had to be on high alert to save my life.  I learned to see or hear the slightest change in people.  I learned to pick up on interactions between people.  A glance between two people can show so much.  Because of this I know things.  I am almost always right.   It is both a blessing and a curse.

I will retire from my job and run away to travel the world in 19 months.  I will be meeting wonderful people and seeing amazing places.  I will get to travel with Keith who is my closest friend and confidant.  It is what I live for now.  My freedom was paramount to this plan opening up for me.  The universe had just been waiting for me to say “OK I am done playing around with people and things that lead nowhere. Its time to live my destiny”.    I am ready for my close up universe, let’s do this!

If you would like us to visit your festival, fair or party let me know.