I am back and I am making a vow

Every morning I am making a vow to myself. I vow to comfort myself during times of hopelessness, depression, disillusionment or any difficulty that arises. I vow to be my beloved always and in all ways. I vow to never again settle for anything but first place in a romantic partnership. I vow to never abandon or lose myself completely in romance. I vow to live my life to the fullest. I vow to honor my spiritual path and create an amazing life. I vow to honor my calling and live my life as a work of art. I vow to listen to my inner voice of wisdom and honor my story. I vow to truly be there for myself and to grow and blossom into the most alive, beautiful and happy person I can be.

I don’t know when it happened but somewhere along the way I started to feel I only deserved the left overs…the crumbs in life. If someone wants to truly be with me they will prove themselves. They will be strong, confident, passionate and a completely honest person with integrity. They will be passionate about me and completely devoted. I will not settle for less and if that means being alone then so mote it be.