Rochester Erotic Arts Festival

For those who do not know me well I am the co-founder, co-producer and art curator for the Rochester Erotic Arts Festival.   My role has changed over the years and I do the art and do my best to be a good Hostess for the festival.  I hit the ground running on Thursday and never stop until the festival is over and all the art is picked up on Sunday.  I love the festival.  The past couple of years have been rocky for me.  I went through a break up three years ago and now this year I am going through one too.  I am farther out in the breakup this time and I know it was for the best.  The part I struggle with is that he was my constant companion the past two years at the festival.   Everything I do has an association with him now.  I need to remember that it was not always so.  I want to get my power back.  I lost it the past two years.  I spent each of those festivals anxious and not having as much fun.