I Will Make it Happen

I have always struggled with creating boundaries and sticking to them.  I was always afraid in doing so people would walk away from me.  This is how I lose myself.  I don’t ever want to lose myself again.  I have certain boundaries for anyone I would even consider dating for the future.  The thing is…I am not sure I ever want to date again.  It is something I am putting considerable thought into.  I always rush in and I see others do the same.  It is not a good thing.  If we jump into a relationship during the first 6 months we are still riding the wave of chemicals.  We are not stepping back to see if this person is really someone you want to be with.  I will never do that again.  I am back to being the Ice Queen who disappears when someone shows too much interest.  I should have done that two years ago…but I learned from that mistake.   There were some wonderful times but the bad truly outweighs the good in this case.  Sadly I am still mourning the good and am struggling to remind myself of why it was so bad.