I have so much to tell you!

I did it!

I retired from my job and I opened my tarot parlor in the fall at Mythic Treasures. If you want to come and see me for a reading there or have a reading with me online you can go to my other website rauncie.org to set up an appointment. I am so excited for you to see it. This has been an amazing journey for me. It is something I have always wanted to to and I am now living what I was dreaming. It looks like I always imagined it and the energy is amazing. In addition to reading tarot I will also be doing workshops and offering rituals to the public.

It has been a long time and so much has happened. My wonderful friend Zach who has become one of our family has met his special someone and I have to share about that story in an upcoming post. It is a story you do not want to miss. Good things come to those who wait…that is what they say and in this case it has been true.

As for me I am doing my best to keep things under control. Living with ADD and trying to do so many things is a bit crazy but I can do this. I was recently in a video “40 years of Goth Style: Global Remake”. I am the 90’s Vampire Goth. It is what I live so it was great to represent the elder goth community. I just did my thing and enjoyed being a part of the project and I loved it! It really helped me because I miss my goth club so much. The shut down has been so hard. I miss my friends and the dance floor every single week. I was so excited to be chosen for the video it felt like such an honor. Though I have to say that even after being a goth for 40 years (though we did not have a name for ourselves back then) I am just waiting for the gothiest of the goths to come after me for not being goth enough. It is the one part of being a goth I like the least…the drama. However, what can you expect when you are part of a sub culture with very intelligent and independent thinking people who love their music and like to be dramatic. I admit, I can be dramatic myself. 😉

In addition to the video I am doing TikTok as Granny_Goth and sharing information with the younger generation. I do videos on the goth subculture, tarot, paganism and just random things I get in my head. I try not to take myself too seriously and have fun with it.

That is it for now and I do plan to come back and share more soon.