New at Loving myself

When we do not love ourselves we chase everyone away who is trying to love us.  I truly believe that.

I am so new at this loving myself thing that I feel like I am going to college again.  I am reading all the time and writing everyday.  I have a pile of books by my bed and yesterday I got a Kindle Fire and added some free books there.  I want to finally understand and practice truly loving myself.  I am in charge of my own happiness and I have to live with this mind, body and spirit.  Since we are one 24 hours a day it is going to go a whole lot easier if I love myself.  The last couple of days have been better.  I feel like my sadness has lifted and I am not craving touch like I was.  I feel I am turning a corner.  So I will keep working at this and doing things I love that I had set aside to love someone else.  It will keep getting better.  I know it will.   Here is an article I read today that was helpful.


To my little sister who is a brave warrior like me.  I am so proud of you.  You are going to come out of this a stronger woman who can conquer anything life throws your way.  I will always be here for you.