The Dance of Magic

I am making the choice to face my triggers.  I will feel the fear and the anger.  I will hate when warranted.  I will love when it is earned.  I will embrace my shadow and begin to heal.   Like Lilith who refused to lay on her back screaming  “HELL NO!” and climbed the wall to have sex with demons I make the choice to climb the wall of your double standards, lies, manipulation, oppression and rules.  I am throwing aside the search for fairy tale love and taking a bite from the apple of ecstasy.   I will savor every juicy bite and throw the remains at the feet of my enemies and those who have betrayed me.

I will no longer lay down

I will no longer be nice

I will no longer smile and pretend

I will dance and create a powerful circle of magic

Then I will cast a spell and spin a web to catch the next who dares to try and capture me

The dance of magical ecstacy is the dance I choose for my life